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  • Green Tea DIY Beauty Recipes

    Green Tea DIY Beauty Recipes

    Clean beauty is on everyone New Year's resolution list for 2018. We love it! Green tea is one of the best natural ingredients to to enhance your skin's complexion. Thanks to the sustainability of Teaspressa's containers, you can repurpose our tea jars and elixir bottles to store these DIY products. 

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  • Teaspressa LUXE | ELIXIRS

    Teaspressa LUXE | ELIXIRS

    We are so excited to announce the release of our new LUXE | ELIXIRS in our signature flavors - Vanilla, Rose and London Fog. Made with all natural ingredients and are 100% sugar free! With just one drop of these babies, you can instantly enhance your tea, coffee, sparkling water or champagne. Choose to use them pure or add your preferred sweetener like stevia, agave, honey, raw sugar, etc to further bring the flavor to life.

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  • Teaspressa Holiday Tea Recipes

    Teaspressa Holiday Tea Recipes

    Tis' the season for some delicious holiday tea recipes! Grab your favorite mug and cozy on up next to the Christmas tree with one of these easy Teaspressa Holiday Recipes! These are perfect for a single cup, or double the ingredients to enjoy with your #holiBAE

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  • How to Open a Teaspressa LUXE | Sugar Stick

    How to Open a Teaspressa LUXE | Sugar Stick

    Teaspressa LUXE | Sugar Sticks, a pretty little confectionary stick of handcrafted sugar cubes. When we designed the packaging for these, we loved how unique they looked and how it compliments the beauty of each cube so well. 
    Let's be honest though, they are so pretty I don't want to ruin my the packaging! How do I get them out without ripping them open or shaking them out like Shakira? We have the solution! We have created a guide to help you open your stick while keeping it chic.

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  • Happy Healthy Holiday Prep

    Happy Healthy Holiday Prep

    Experts agree: green tea is a tasty beverage full of antioxidants that will help you get healthy for the holidays! Read the featured article from The News International Magazine to see the health benefits of green tea and try one of our favorite recipes: Green Tea Cucumber Lemonade.

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  • We Love Local

    We Love Local

    When founder Allison DeVane dreamed of opening her own storefront, she knew she wanted to share the love with other local companies committed to delicious, high-quality products. As you browse the selection at our new Old Town location, you'll notice many of the products and decorations come right from our backyard! Next time you’re in for your favorite latte or macchiato, make sure you try something special from these local rockstars.

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  • Have Tea, Will Travel

    Have Tea, Will Travel

    Tea is gaining popularity in America, but across the globe it has been enjoyed for centuries. WorldAtlas recently published this list of the Top 10 tea producing countries. We reached out to our fellow tea lovers and travelers to find out the must-sees and dos when you travel far and wide for your tea fix. 

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