How to Open a Teaspressa LUXE | Sugar Stick

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Teaspressa LUXE | Sugar Sticks, a pretty little confectionary stick of handcrafted sugar cubes. When we designed the packaging for these, we loved how unique they looked and how it compliments the beauty of each cube so well. 
Let's be honest though, they are so pretty I don't want to ruin my the packaging! How do I get them out without ripping them open or shaking them out like Shakira? We have the solution! We have created a guide to help you open your stick while keeping it chic! 


Step 1: Use something sharp to carefully slice the copper tape at one end of the stick. 
Step 2: Open both ends of the stick.
Step 3: Use your index finger to push the cubes from one side to the other.
Step 4: Get ready to taste some magic in a cup.
Step 5: ENJOY!

1 comment

  • Cathy

    I tried this method. It doesn’t work!!!
    I had to cut the package with scissors to get one cube out at a time. Ridiculous!! Very frustrating.

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