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It’s not just about the tea

We made tea cool again, even when it’s hot

Because we needed something more. Tea is wonderful and delicious, but we missed the robustness and higher caffeine
content of coffee. So we found a way to brew tea like coffee, getting the same bold flavour, just as much caffeine, and a richer
cup — all without the jitters and crashes of coffee.

A ritual of sereniTEA

Teaspressa teas fit seamlessly with your existing coffee rituals — because that first cup is one of the most important moments of your day. We take those peaceful moments easy to enjoy no matter where you are.
Take a moment, grab a cup, drop in your favourite LUXE Sugar Cube, and just sit.

Enjoy the peace and serenity of tea combined with the pampering of your favourite barista-made-drink from the comfort of your home, with the equipment you already have.

We stand for…


We are constantly pushing
ourselves to innovate, searching
for new ways to enhance your
self-care experience — while still
being comforting
and familiar.


Our products are steeped in
intentionality. From sustainable
harvests to recyclable packaging,
we think deeply about our impact
and strive to make sure it’s a
positive one.


95% of our leadership is women.
98% of our staff are minorities.
We don’t just talk about inclusion
— we live it. Because the
Teaspressa experience should be
available to everyone.


Just as we inspire ourselves, we
want to inspire others to take more
time for themselves and enjoy the
small moments. Because we
believe those moments are the
keys to true happiness.

C’est la tea…

When our founder, Allison, started
handing out free tea samples from a laundry cart she pedalled around downtown Phoenix, she never thought she’d end up on Shark Tank, or inventing a whole new category of beverage. But, well… C’est la tea.



We’re not the only ones who think Teaspressa is the next best thing since coffee itself...


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