The Tea.

  Coffee Inspired Tea. Take a moment to let it sink in. 

Teaspressa tea is all natural, organic tea. That's right, just plain tea with no coffee, artificial flavours, or additives. The main difference here is that we have created a way where we can now literally make tea like coffee. This new approach is nothing like the traditional method of brewing  - we have established an exciting new tea profile for you to enjoy! 

Teaspressa tea has the body and robust flavour of coffee and some teas, black ones to be specific, have the same amount of caffeine content as well. You get the best of both worlds by enjoying the caffeine kick and body like a cup of coffee as well as savouring the enhanced new flavours of the tea and all its health benefits. 

Our TEAm loves coffee, hence where this idea sprouted from. Here at Teaspressa we value the ritual and art of coffee as well as tea and are continually inspired by our community to do our best to serve. Our mission here is to celebrate the joys in life and share our positivity one cup at a time. 

The Story.

Chapter 1

With nearly a decade of industry experience, Allison DeVane knew her caffeinated beverages. What she didn’t know was where this knowledge would one day lead her…  

Chapter 2 

There was no way for past-Allison (that bright young girl picking up barista shifts just-for-fun) to have knowledge of the fact that she would one day practically invent a whole new beverage category… or own multiple businesses. Even after launching Teaspressa with a marketing plan that consisted of pedaling a tea cart around downtown Phoenix and handing out free samples, there was no way she could have known that she would, only short months later, land an opportunity to pitch on Shark Tank and then, shortly thereafter, open up a shop of her own, just as she had always dreamed…

Chapter 3 

And yet this innovative brainchild named Teaspressa began to mature - taking on a life all its own. Sure, it represented all of Allison’s original passions - coffee, latte art, sunny-days-in-exotic-places, and tea - in a wonderful marriage of two otherwise-opposing worlds (the worlds of robust coffee and delicate tea). But it quickly evolved into so much more - so much more than Allison or anyone observing her could have ever guessed…

Chapter 4 

Today, Teaspressa represents a lifestyle, a way of being. It stands for good health and the courageous, unflinching pursuit of big ideas. It stands for luxurious self-treatment and serves as a reminder of individual self-worth. It stands for slowing down a little and taking time to truly celebrate life. Of course it also stands for the big, bold, delicious flavors and high quality products that it offers. But most of all, it stands for the thriving community that it serves.

The End?

We think not. In fact, as much success and surprise as we’ve already enjoyed, we know we’re only just getting started. Teaspressa has come a long way since its inception and has a long way yet to go. That original crazy idea has cultivated countless others like it. We’re making new friends every day and coming up with new and better ways of doing things all the time. We’re unspeakably excited about what the future holds and equally as excited by the prospect of including you in it. You see, this story is still being written; it’s new every day! Let’s get started.

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