10 Anniversary Milestones for Teaspressa

This month marks the third anniversary of our Arizona-based company. But Teaspressa really started 10 years ago, when Allison Devane fell in love with caffeinated beverages.

As a local barista at several Phoenix coffee shops, Allison gathered the expertise that it took to develop a whole new beverage category. That experience, combined with her marketing and design education at Arizona State University, and her post-grad world travels, led to the birth of Teaspressa three years ago. 


Allison's passion for tea has spread across the Valley, and we want to celebrate all the milestones along the journey!


1. Our first sale (that wasn't a close friend or family members)
2. Opening up our first storefront (Tea and Toast)
3. Hiring the first Teaspressa employee
4. Securing our inaugural wholesale account
5. Being interviewed for a major news publication
6. Getting on Shark Tank and crying in front of millions of viewers
7. Surviving our second storefront's Grand Opening in Scottsdale (collaboration store we are no longer in, now that we are getting our own spot in March 2018!)
8. Landing the Tory Burch Fellowship and flying out to meet Tory at NYC Headquarters
9. Lecturing about entrepreneurship in front of ASU business students (SO SURREAL!)
10. Winning "Best Tea" in Arizona

What was once the dream of a single person, is now a united team of 10 employees/interns working out of 2 different storefronts, a production warehouse, and one kiosk. We've sold hundreds of online orders, executed nearly 75 product photoshoots, and served too many tea drinks to count. We've engrained ourselves within the Phoenix creative circle. Cannot thank enough the photographers, stylists, bloggers, social influencers, small business owners, and videographers who have supported us along the way. 

Teaspressa will continue to evolve with our communiTEA. Your feedback, purchases, and referrals are what keep this brand growing. We are inspired to create innovate, high-quality products because of you! To think that this all began in a living room, and now we are selling products all over the world, is crazy! Thank you for breathing purpose and value into our brand. Here's to a future where everyone can enjoy tea - cheers! 

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