Tea Latte Kits

Tea Latte Kits
Tea Latte Kits
Tea Latte Kits
Tea Latte Kits
Tea Latte Kits

Tea Latte Kits

Black Rose Tea Latte Kit:

1 Manhattan Black Tea Jar, 1 Rose Petal MINI, 1 Rose LUXE Sugar Cubes MINI

Swiss Ivory Green Tea Vanilla Latte Kit:

1 Green Gold Tea Jar, 1 Jasmine Bud MINI, 1 Vanilla LUXE Sugar Cubes MINI

Cape Town Salted Caramel Kit:

1 Cape Town Tea Jar, 1 Mum Flower MINI, 1 Salted Caramel LUXE Sugar Cubes MINI

Charles Grey London Fog Latte Kit:

1 Charles Grey Tea Jar, 1 Blue Daisy Flower MINI, 1 London Fog LUXE Sugar Cubes MINI

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All of our teas are...

Every leaf of Teaspressa tea is certified organic


Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms


100% recyclable packaging


100% Natural ingredients. No extra chemicals or additives.

Manhattan Black

The classic coffee alternative!

• Tea health benefits / Antioxidants. • High antioxidants. • L-theanine, proven to ease stress. • No crash or jitters. • No coffee breath. • Brew with coffee brewers. • Robust flavor. • Rich body. • Coffee caffeine.
Manhattan Black
Use an Aeropress or Moka Pot for a Tea Shot, and a French Press or Pour Over to brew a cup of tea. Add your favorite LUXE Sugar Cube or Elixir and milk of choice to make a latte. View brewing methods
Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew + Cold Foam

Teaspressa Recipes

See what you can do with tea! So many delicious recipes to choose from.
View Recipes
Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew + Cold Foam


Teaspressa’s products are made from all natural, artisan loose leaf tea authentically sourced from China, South Africa, India and Japan. Teaspressa’s signature tea blends underwent multiple phases of testing and are specialty curated for the brewing method that is similar to coffee brewing.

Teaspressa has all of the benefits of tea with the added energy boost of coffee.

Teaspressa teas can help boost your metabolism, improve digestion, and strengthen immunity while also helping to decrease stress and anxiety.

 Teaspressa can be brewed at home just like traditional espresso coffee. The preferred method of making Teaspressa is with a Moka Pot, a small, stovetop device that is traditionally used to brew espresso. Teaspressa can also be made using a French Press or with a pour over unit.

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