Tea Gift Set | Manhattan Black

Tea Gift Set | Manhattan Black

Elevate your tea experience with this enchanting gift set that brings together the timeless richness of black tea and the delicate essence of rose. Perfectly curated to delight your senses, this pairing is a symphony of taste and aroma that is sure to captivate tea enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Instead of purchasing each item individually, this bundle offers you fantastic savings, allowing you to indulge in the spirit of the holidays without breaking the bank.

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1 Manhattan Black Pouch, 1 Bar Spoon & Muddler, 1 Tea Scoop, 1 Rose Jar, 1 Rose Petals Jar, 1 Rust Box

Brew Manhattan Black tea the same way you’d brew your favorite cup of coffee. Drop a LUXE Rose cube into your hot tea and stir! OR, for cold drinks, muddle a cube in a splash of hot water to make a simple syrup, then add your tea or coffee. Enjoy garnishing with Rose petals to really indulge the Teaspressa way!

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