The Secret to the Moka Pot


Moka Pots are the best way to brew our tea just like we do in store. At first they can seem a little confusing but we promise they are not! Follow these steps and soon you will be a moka pot pro with a yummy tea in your hand. We use a 3 cup moka pot, make adjustments if you're using a different size! 

First, take it all apart

The top screws off and the filter pops out

Pour 6oz of water in the bottom compartment 

 Place the filter back on

Put 1tbsp (for bolder flavor add more tea) of your favorite TEASPRESSA tea in the filter compartment and screw the top back on

Place moka pot onto stovetop, teaspresso will start to bubble out of the top. Remove from heat, lift top to ensure teaspresso shot has risen to the top. 

 Pour it out and make it up however you like! 

Add milk and sugar for a tea latte or a flavoring to make it interesting

Fall has arrived in Arizona so now is the perfect time to purchase a moka pot from our store and make your own cup of hot tea. Try it out and let us know how it went in the comments below. Happy Brewing! 




    Hello Molly!

    We know exactly what you are talking about. Our green tea actually doesn’t have the burnt or acidic after taste as you can experience sometimes especially with green tea.

    Have a good one!


    Hello Randy!

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Yes we agree it is difficult to share all the moving parts of Teaspressa in such a short amount of time and explain how we handle everything from the new tea technology we are developing, the in store retail, and sales online as well as wholesale. Not to mention we produce all tea products in house from the tea blends and packaging.

    Making Teaspressa tea is very easy. If you have made coffee before with some traditional methods, you can make this! Here are some steps on how you can make it with a few videos, more coming soon:

    Each Tea pouch/jar makes 15-17 servings and the Shark Tank drink recipes are now live:

    Hope that answers all your questions!

  • Molly

    I love this idea as I use my Moka Pot for coffee almost every day… but I know green tea shouldn’t be heated to a boil. Does it go bitter if you use it in the pot since the water kind of has to boil?

  • Randy

    Just saw you on Shark Tank. I hope you become what you want to be. I am a coffee lover, but I do like tea. I will admit that I was confused. Your web site is not as welcoming as it should be.

    I almost clicked off because I did not know if it was easy to make the tea or not. Maybe a video showing how to make the tea would really help.

    Also, how many drinks can be made from a jar?

    What about the drinks that you served on Shark Tank? I did not see them. Is there a recipe?

    Just wondering.

  • Bobbie Fox

    I just tried my Moka pot and the Manhattan Black tea. Very nice tea. I think the pot is pretty cool!

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