VANILLA | LUXE Barista Cube Jar

VANILLA | LUXE Barista Cube Jar

The Vanilla sugar cubes are a perfect infusion of Madagascar vanilla bean caviar and pure sugar cane. An all natural sugar cube locally made.

We find this flavour is the most versatile, featuring a comforting, warm cozy taste that makes a perfect addition to all our tea blends and even coffee!

16 calories each.

 Enjoy 25 cubes in each pack. 


London Fog LUXE minis are infused with a warming, aromatic blend of Tahitian vanilla caviar and lavender essential oil. To make a London Fog drink, make a Teaspressa tea latte with the Charles Grey Blend and add one of these for delicious layers of flavor. (Try a cube in coffee: so good.) *Please note that our Luxe Minis are made by hand with natural ingredients which vary in color, size and shape. 16 calories each.
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