Make Your List & Don't Think Twice

As the holidays approach and the malls get busier, the countdown begins and the stress builds. Will you finally find the perfect gift for your sister-in-law? What about your new boss? It can be difficult to find the best gift for the people that matter most...unless you let us help you!

Teaspressa is the perfect gift for all coffee cravers, tea tasters, workaholics, health nuts, and trendsetters! Say goodbye to the traditional coffee basket or tea canister set, and say hello to decadent lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos all made with the finest tea blends right in any kitchen.

Because it's got all the caffeine of a shot of espresso with the health benefits of tea, it's sure to satisfy any caffeine lover in your life. The Moka Pot allows anyone to brew a smooth, coffee shop-inspired drink (like our dreamy Pumpkin Pearl) in the comfort of their home: not only will you be giving the gift of delicious drinks, but you'll be giving them the gift of time and convenience as well!


The Teaspressa Gift Set includes its four tea blends (Manhattan Black, Cape Town, Green Gold, and Charles Grey) a personal moka pot for at-home brewing, an exclusive seasonal peppermint tea blend, and gourmet peppermint infused sugar cubes for the holidays. 

Make sure you check out our other teaware, brewers, accessories, and unique tea blends in our shop! Ship now and get your holiday shopping done early and easily.

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