Filling Your Cup When You're Running on Empty


It seems like every time I turn on the TV or look at facebook, I am inundated with bad news. A friend venting about work, social injustice, and even Kardashian drama consume me and cloud my otherwise sunny outlook. I recently read a great HuffPost article about the importance of optimism, which claims, "The potential for life draining negativity lies within us, as does the potential for life giving positivity. Our previous, perhaps unproductive, habits of negative thinking need not be forever."

It can be hard to remain optimistic when life gives us so many reasons to worry, but it's not hard to find positive ways to turn our perspective around! It’s important to combat negativity by filling your cup - taking time for yourself - on a regular basis. Next time you need to change your mood, try disconnecting from whatever's bringing you down and immersing yourself in one of these positive habits to re-center and rejuvenate you:

  • A walk
Walk with a Pal or Pet
Exploring your neighborhood or a new park down the street can be extremely beneficial. Not only will it get your blood moving and those endorphins flowing, but it will make you feel more connected to your community. Try walking solo, or bring a pal or puppy along! The fresh air and companionship are sure to brighten your mood.

  • A novel
Get Lost in a Good Book
Whether it’s an old favorite or the hottest New York Times Bestseller, disconnecting from your current surroundings and diving into a whole new world will help you put emotions into perspective and decompress. Plus, you’ll give your brain a workout and boost your vocabulary!

      • A bath
      Baths are Beneficial
      Showers are quick and efficient, but because you’re standing, you’re less likely to fully relax as you scrub down before your dinner date or work appointment. Taking the time to draw a bath (ideally with scented lavender bubbles) will relax you. There is also the added benefit that technology and water aren’t a great combo, so put your phone to the side and read your book while in the bath.

        • A conversation
        Re-connect with a Loved One
        Reach out to an old friend or make a new one. Rather than send Snaps back and forth or get into a Twitter debate, meet a pal for brunch and talk about what’s going on in your world. Not only is this a great time to wrap your head around all the craziness stressing you out, it is also a time to immerse yourself in stimulating, unrelated conversation. Don’t just discuss frustrations and fears; rather, engage in discussion about your passions and interests. Maybe take a page out of Megan Hull’s book and come up with a creative activity to keep your hands busy and your heart full!

          • A cup of tea
          Enjoy Tea in Bed!
          Truly, the act of brewing a cup of tea is relaxing on its own. However, choosing a relaxing, caffeine-free blend like Cape Town provides the added benefit of rich antioxidants and soothing herbs. Blocking out even just five minutes a day to literally fill your tea cup can leave you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated personally, too.

            What is your go-to strategy for keeping your head up when life’s got you down? Share your favorite ways to keep your own cup full, so you can continue living a life full of passion and positivity.


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              Continued success to you as well!

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              Thank you for the kind words! We look forward to filling your order and hope you love it enough to add to your daily tea practice. Thanks also for spreading the love in Santa Monica! Be sure to sign up for our VITea Rewards Program and check our blog often for new recipes and giveaways!

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            • Msry Burkhardt

              I just saw Shark Tank episode last night. They were not off base strategically but these people were nasty to you and a couple others. The show thrives on bullying and crass comments and reflects what is so wrong with American workplace culture. Viewing your website, it appears that you are still in one piece and managing the feedback with grace.

              My question to you is that I have been a huge fan of cold brew coffee (I can’t gag down a Starbie’s brew) and I don’t use sugared products. I have some ideas fir products for you if you want to reach out to me. They are health and tea related. I have had a couple of patents from my ideas (filed by others because of the situation and my employer and that’s no problem for me). I am trained medically including deriving medicinal agents from plants. Reach out and I can share my ideas with you. Continued success to you. MEB

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