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Our Story

“What If I Made Tea Cool Like Coffee?”

That one little idea started this whole thing...

Our Founder, Allison DeVane, has always loved coffee. She loves the taste of it, the smell of it, the latte art she can make with it -- everything. 

But it’s the ritual of making coffee that Allison really loved. The precise preparation of packing an espresso shot and foaming up a latte. (There’s a reason she loved being a barista!) Unfortunately, coffee never liked her back. So she had to get creative…

She invented a tea that you could brew like coffee. Rich and full bodied, it would even hold foam properly so she could make latte art with it!

It All Started With A Laundry Cart

Calling her new beverage Teaspressa -- a play on tea + espresso -- Allison’s initial marketing plan involved borrowing a laundry cart and pedalling around downtown Phoenix handing out free samples. 

Little did she know that, just a few months later, she’d land a dream opportunity to pitch on Shark Tank! Shortly after that, she opened the first Teaspressa store, bringing her coffee inspired tea and beautiful branding to thousands of customers. 

A New Beverage Category

Today, Teaspressa continues to innovate, searching for new ways to enjoy the drinks you love, while still being comforting and familiar. 

Our LUXE Sugar Cubes let you create a latte, mimosa, or cocktail wherever you go. Our LUXE Elixirs help you add a splash of your favorite flavour to any drink, any time, any place. And of course, we continue to expand our line of classic Teaspressa tea blends.

What’s Next?

We want to show the mainstream why tea is so much cooler than coffee. We envision a world where you can walk into a coffee shop anywhere, order a Teaspressa tea latte, and experience the comfort of home no matter where you are. Because those little moments, matter. And we want to share them with you.

Meet Allison

"I started the company in Jan 2015 selling tea on a laundry cart in the streets of Phoenix and to this day I am still the 100% owner of the company and all of our products are proudly hand-made in the Phoenix, AZ. It wasn't easy building this dream without outside investors and it is quite the challenge getting through it especially with COVID-19. Although we've had to close down our shops and pivot quite a bit to adjust to the times, we're grateful to be here another day to serve you. It is our pleasure doing business with you and we can't thank you enough for your support."

(say la tea)

C’est La Tea

C’est la vie means “that’s life” in French. It’s about accepting the little setbacks and hiccups that happen every day, and rolling with the punches. 

We picked “C’est la tea” as our slogan, because, well...that’s tea. Life happens, but we don’t have to let it stop us from enjoying the little moments in life. Because those little moments are what makes it all worth it -- so let’s make those little moments special.

That’s the Teaspressa philosophy. The Teaspressa lifestyle. The Teaspressa way. C’est la tea.