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Bold and toasty with chocolate notes.

Meet our classic coffee alternative!  Expect a full and robust flavor, this is a specially crafted loose leaf black tea that is sure to inspire even the most dedicated of coffee lovers! This tea pairs best with full-flavoured foods: think meat and other - similarly hearty - dishes!

This is the tea blend that makes our signature drink Black Rose. Best with our LUXE Rose Cubes!

Rose, vanilla, Cream cheeses, caramel, lavender, peppermint, milk chocolate, caramels, dark chocolate with floral notes
Proprietary organic black tea, German rye
SERVINGS (109g/3.84oz)
Makes 8-12 servings of Teaspressa Tea

Offers our tea at best-value since you get more tea for less, travel-friendly packaging & resealable design.

Servings =
$ 20.00

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How to Use


Organic Teas

Every leaf of Teaspressa tea is certified organic


Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms


100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging

All Natural

100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging


We don’t use tea bags, so there’s no extra waste from our teas

Black rose latte


  • - 4 oz Manhattan Black Tea Shot
  • - 6 oz milk
  • - Activated charcoal
  • - LUXE Rose Cube or Elixir

how to create

  1. 1. Brew a tea shot
  2. 2. Saturate cube with hot water and muddle or add elixir and sugar of choice
  3. 3. Add activated charcoal and 1oz of hot water and mix
  4. 4. For hot: add frothed milk / For iced: fill cup completely with ice and then slowly pour milk in

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