Black Tea Rum and Coke

In celebration of all the dads out there - whether your own, your significant other, or any other important dad or father figure in your life - we are highlighting the versatiliTEA of what can be done to create a special and inventive drink with Teaspressa.

It seems this time of year, as the first few months are behind us, we look forward to spending time with friends and family, sharing comforts and nostalgia. In this old favourite, done with a twist, we explore one of the many ways you can combine our flavours and raise a toast all the dads in our lives.


Happy Father's Day!




To make the Black Tea Rum and Coke:

  • Step 1: Using a Moka Pot, Aeropress, or french press, add 2 tbs of Manhattan Black tea and make a tea shot 
  • Step 2: Add LUXE Manhattan cube(s) to glass, saturate with a splash of water and muddle, creating a syrup
  • Step 3: Add rum, Coke and ice to glass
  • Step 4: Add/squeeze limes into glass


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