You Can Have Your Cake and Drink It Too

Did you know that August has the largest number of births out of any month of the year? That’s right - she’s popular. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, from 2010 to 2020, August produced the largest number of new babies in the United States. 

Of course we had to take this opportunity to brainstorm a new creation for all of you to enjoy. Not just for celebrating August birthdays, but for any month of the year! 

Introducing: The Confetti Cake sugar cubes and the Chocolate Birthday Cake sugar cubes. Aren’t they gorgeous?

The Birthday Party Kit

We dressed up this special collection with some magical extra color and flair! You’re sure to impress your guests at a party if you serve up these yummy sugar cubes at the drink table. Or create a jaw-dropping moment when they’re unwrapped as a gift to the lucky birthday human! 

You can add them to your drink of choice. Think birthday latte, confetti martini - you name it hunny! The Birthday Party Kit includes both flavors and some fun recipes to try out. Each kit also comes with a dash of birthday sprinkles (as if we’re not making this extra enough).

The Birthday Party Kit

Enjoy celebrating your special someone - snap a photo and tag @teaspressa so we can see and share the experience!

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