Tea Time with British Tea Rose: An England Perspective

Q: What’s your background in the tea industry?

A: My background has mainly been a personal one. Being British, tea is very much part of my everyday life and it was only when I came to the US in 2015 that I realized exactly how much. I slowly moved away from drinking tea with milk as dairy products tasted different to me, and explored more into different blends. American friends would ask me to go to afternoon tea or advise on different types which led me to The Tea Rose and wanting to share my knowledge and enjoy the tea tasting experience with others.

Q: What do you appreciate about tea?

A: How powerful a cup can be. It can be refreshing, soothing when unwell, comforting in times of need and can never be boring.  

Q: What do you enjoy doing while drinking tea?

A: I drink tea throughout the day, so I have a cuppa in the morning, one in the afternoon at work, and another whilst reading a book before bed.

Q: What are some of your favorite tea brands/sellers?

A: Favorite brands would be Pukka Tea and Tea Pigs - both come out with unique and punchy flavors. I am obsessed with the Luxe Elixir from Teapressa; my favorite being London Fog. For your strong, everyday blend my go to is Yorkshire. It's the Nation's (UK) favorite!

Q: How would you encourage someone to start drinking tea?

A: Try it. People don’t know what they like until they try different ones. There are so many different types, with different flavors and blends that you will always find a tea you love! It’s a great alternative to fizzy drink when you need to add flavors to water!

Q: What health benefits have you experienced from your tea routine?

A: I definitely feel cleansed drinking tea, and not just from the herbals or green tea. I drink a lot of oolong which I believe has contributed to the condition of my skin, especially since living in the desert. I have also noticed a difference in how I react to the caffeine compared to coffee. Coffee gives me that boost of energy whereas tea seems to provide more alertness. 

Q: Five years from now, what direction do you see the tea industry headed?

A: Tea is becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to take better care in themselves. I can certainly see from the American market that people are becoming more open to drinking tea and embracing it. 


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