How to Become a Social Media Influencer

When we set up shop in Ann Arbor, the communiTEA was super welcoming! We love all the Midwest locals and the unique creative/music scene in A2. It's close to the University of Michigan, and Teaspressa gets the privilege of serving drinks to some pretty cool people in this Michigan YUPPY town.

Immediately, we found some foodie influencers that blew us away with their content, so we decided to collaborate with one of the best - Small Girl, Fat Appetite (aka Sumra Abedi).

This gal was listed first on the "8 Instagram Accounts Every Foodie in Ann Arbor Needs to Follow." @smallgirl.fatappetite was kind enough to do an IG Takeover for us during Grand Opening. You can see that content here: Ann Arbor IG Highlights

Sumra is so good at what she does, so we asked her what it takes to become a social media influencer. Enjoy!

Becoming a food social media influencer was one of the most spontaneous things I’ve done.

Almost two years later, I still don’t have the right words to describe how I started my journey without sounding uneventful. I’ve always been a huge foodie and I’ve remained relatively active on social media for many years. I thought merging the two would be a fun hobby to have and that’s exactly what I did one random Friday night!

If it weren't for the amount of outpour of support from friends, family, and strangers, @smallgirl.fatappetite would not be where it is today which I’m forever grateful for. Moreover, the endless opportunities that I have received these past two years have made this entire journey so incredible for me which I’m also so thankful for.

If you’re interested in becoming a social media influencer, I would encourage someone to get out of their comfort zone and just start creating.

The hardest part of becoming a social media influencer is starting. Initially, I was very intimidated putting myself out there since I’m a naturally reserved person. However, visualizing the content you want to create, being consistent with your work, and connecting with people will ease the process of jumping over that hurdle and sure enough, you’ll see immense growth with your brand. Lastly, I can’t stress enough how much quality over quantity matters.

Genuine conversation and valuable content will take you a lot farther than focusing on your followers count.

I’m a huge supporter of locally sourced tea/coffee products! I would have to give a shoutout to Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Their coffee and tea products are outstanding (their lattes are my absolute favorite).

Teaspressa unquestionably has an edge compared to other coffee shops in the Ann Arbor restaurant scene. The tea and coffee hybrid approach is unheard of which will definitely intrigue people to try the unique drinks Teaspressa has to offer. I think people in Ann Arbor value authenticity when it comes to food/drinks so I have no doubt in mind that Teaspressa will have a positive impact in the community.

My first time at Teaspressa Ann Arbor was on Grand Opening Day, and I have nothing but phenomenal things to say about my experience! From the delicious drinks, the aesthetically pleasing decor, and the enthusiastic team behind this brand, my expectations did exceed. Teaspressa has revolutionized the concept of a typical coffee shop and made their brand so remarkable which gives them a huge competitive advantage over other coffee shops.

The Black Rose Luxe Elixir caught my eye! I’m a huge sucker for anything rose infused so I know I’ll be a fan of this product. I like the versatility of this product a lot which I’ll be adding to my list very soon!

5 years from now, I see the tea industry becoming much more sustainably conscious so that the delivery from crop to cup will be produced efficiently without harming the environment. Additionally, I think the tea industry will become very innovative by creating different techniques of brewing and creating distinctive tea flavors.

Who's your favorite foodie social influencer? Comment below.


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