Skip The Reservation: The Last-Minute Guide to Hosting Mother’s Day Brunch at Home

Last Minute Brunch Ideas for Mother's Day

If you are one of those girls who wakes up Mother’s Day with plans to treat your mom but no set reservations (hi mom, it’s me again), OR live in a major city where your open table app is bleaker than your fridge right now then this guide is for you. Hosting at home has two things even the best boozy patio brunch could never, pantless cooking and the ability to take all the credit. It’s just a bonus that you won’t be fighting for your life (and a d-list table) with a 22 year old hostess at a Denny’s in Waco. 

In order to pass off the perfect brunch with ease you’re gonna need to face a few hard truths.

  1.  If you are not a great cook, then presentation matters because let’s face it- that’s all you have. 
  2. Extra touches make all the difference, like flowers and champagne!
  3. If your mom is a crier, well then, give her a hug and don’t stare. One thing I have learned going from child to mother is- if mom’s cry happy tears don’t make them feel weird about it.

The night before: Build Your Tablescape

(Est. time 5 min)

There are people out there being paid big bucks to make beautiful table settings for magazine shoots and events so my advice to you is to decorate like your rent needs to be paid! 

A table runner, at least 2 matching place settings and cutlery is the bare minimum but candles and flowers go a long way.

Mother's Day Simple Tablescape Idea

One of our favorite tips is to forage. If you live in an apartment, Trader Joe’s is the best affordable floral hack, however, you would be surprised what is right outside your front door. Nature is, after all, the original mother.

I really want to stress: a linen bed sheet and flowers from the garden can be the most beautiful organic setting.

To Cook or Not To Cook?

(Est. time as long as it takes you to order on postmates or more)

As someone who prides themselves on getting out of anything that seems remotely unnecessary, like washing dishes or paying for parking, there is something about a home cooked meal that just can’t be replaced. We all know that meals that are actually quick AND  tasty are few and far between. So if Bisquick pancakes are all you can muster, go for it. It really is the thought that counts. 

If you are feeling up to it, something like Croque Monsieur is basically a Ham Sandwich that went to boarding school in France but it really is a brunch staple for a reason.

Plus, if you're doing all of this just to post a story on IG and really don’t even love your mom that much, well a fried egg on top of a delectable stack of bread and toppings is gonna make all the girlies hit that heart button HARD.

If you do love your mom oh-so-very-much but cooking is just not in the cards well Mrs. Doubtfire already gave us the blueprint for that brunch. Postmates will work just fine. 

Per usual, Drinks are on us

(Est. time 3 min)

This is our favorite part. As curators of exceptional beverage experiences. This is where you can afford to have a TON of fun. Want to curate a custom Mother’s Day drink? We got you. MOM-osa bar? This kit is all you need. 

Goes together like pancakes & syrup

Neither us nor Aunt Jemima is judging but If you took the easy way out, you're gonna want to make this drink for style points.


This is a classic pairing for a sweeter brunch menu, our version of the London Fog is not only GORGEOUS, but the subtle lavender notes and inclusions of real lavender flower add a subtle feminine touch that has “soft girl era” written allllll over it. We served this drink at our most recent flash cafe so check out the video above for the recipe. 

It’s not brunch without Booze

How to make a cheap champagne taste like top shelf

We crafted our cubes to elevate any level of liquor to a darn good flavor. Peach

Teaspressa Mixer Cuber for an intant Bellini
Mixology Cube is a personal boozy brunch favorite of mine. There are two recipes you should try: In a glass of bubbly you can drop a single cube in for a show-stopping and sparkling experiment. However, if you want that true smooth bellini taste, place two Peach Mixology Cube in the bottom of a glass and add a dash of hot water to dissolve them, muddle until you have a syrup and then add bubbly on top. 


This is also the preferred method for batching. Make an entire pitcher by placing 5-9 cubes in the bottom of a pitcher and follow the same method.

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