Double Duty BeauTEA

Everyone knows green tea is great for a morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up, but did you know it’s also a great addition to your beauty routine? Check out these Pinterest-approved recipes for some DIY additions to your skincare regimen that will leaving you feeling like a Green Gold Goddess!


Green Tea Exfoliator

Would you trade two minutes for better skin? Of course you would! This homemade exfoliator from uses four ingredients you probably already have in your pantry and leaves your skin feeling and smelling simply divine. After your next shower, whip up a batch and scrub yourself down for a treat your face and body will adore.



Green Tea Moisturizer

After using your new green tea exfoliator, treat yourself to this super effective moisturizer from hellowglow that has only two ingredients! The lightness of the green tea combines with the hearty tropical scent of the coconut oil for a moisturizer that is as delicious-smelling as it is effective! Use this to hydrate dry, cracked skin after your next weekend pool party.



green tea eye cream

Under eye circles got you down? Pins and procrastination shared this refreshing cream that you can make for less than $1/ounce for an invigorating start to any morning. Not only will it help alleviate those under eye circles, it also helps reduce puffiness while softening wrinkles and smile lines!

 What's your green tea go-to? Share your favorites in the comments and don't forget to grab a pouch of Green Gold while you're here!

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