University of Michigan's New Drink and Study Spot

We have quite the reputation with college students at ASU. So we are over the moon, to get the same amount of attention from University of Michigan!

The fall semester starts back up in September for Ann Arbor, but foodie influencer, Ahad Khan, from @Michigan.Foodie, got a head start to scope out (what we hope) will be Michigan's trendiest new drink and study spot. 

As a university student, Ahad felt the immediate hospitaliTEA that our baristas have to offer everyone who walks through our doors. Before you stop by our newest location, ready what this foodie has to say about our drinks!

From the second you step into Teaspressa's store, you are taken by the radiant decor and naturalist, positive vibe. That being said, my experience at Teaspressa's Ann Arbor store was amazing! Their exceptional and gracious staff make you feel right at home and assist you in choosing the right drink for your individual taste buds. Being right next to the University of Michigan campus, I can definitely see this location turning into the go-to for students.

After seeing Teaspressa on @smallgirl.fatappetiites Instagram, I knew coming in that there would be an exceptional new product for me to try. What I did not realize at the time, was how all the different recipes and combinations would fascinate me so much. 
Teaspressa is a great addition to the Ann Arbor foodie and coffee scene.

Not only our their drinks delicious - they're BEAUTIFUL! The brand definitely has a competitive edge and will impact the scene by introducing a new category for local foodies to try. t’s already generating a lot of buzz on social media, but I can’t wait for incoming students to try it out in the fall!

The foodie community is not like any other; there is no membership, and anyone can be one. All it takes is an appreciation for food and a positive attitude.

Once you're there then the road to becoming an influencer is simply starting off with a quality photo and an engaging caption. There are two aspects to social media that I believe are most important; great content and authenticity. Wherever you can implement those two strategies then the audience will follow.

Like any influencer, my journey began when one random night I had a creative instinct to create a foodie blog.

This instinct was sparked while I was on a business trip across the West Coast. While traveling to San Francisco and Seattle, I found myself looking through Instagram foodie blogs to find the best places to dine instead of tradition food review sites. Every place I went to, I just had to snap a picture of the beautiful dishes and share with my friends.

When I came back to Michigan, I realized that I had a collection of food photos in my camera roll and wanted to showcase these beautiful works of art created by restaurants and shops from across the US. That's how @Michigan.Foodie was born, and since then I’ve enjoyed every second of this delicious adventure.

Teaspressa truly is embarking on the mission to innovate the tea industry and I’m looking forward to following this journey along the way. 

Five years from now, I can see the tea industry breaking away from their traditional roots and innovating their recipes. Being the pioneer in this revolution, I would say the industry would have to catch up to Teaspressa.

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