You Know Kimmy Drinks Manhattan Black: The "Unbreakable" Characters As Devoted Tea Drinkers

If you've been anywhere near Netflix recently, you've probably noticed that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back and better than ever for round 2--or, rather, season 2. And you've also probably spent some serious time sitting down and wondering what kind of tea each of the characters would drink.

Well, lucky for you, I'm here with the answers to the question you've all been dying to ask--what kind of tea drinkers are the characters of Unbreakable?


Kimmy drinks Manhattan Black--obviously. Obviously, she does. A tea you can easily pair with cream cheese and chocolate? Come on! She'd be all over that in a second. Plus, she'd totally be the person excitedly telling some unassuming construction worker all about how "It tastes like coffee, but it isn't coffee! How cool is that?"


Lillian drinks Manhattan Black, too, but she mixes it with actual coffee, much to everyone's confusion. She calls it "Manhattan Extra-Black," and she definitely still tells everyone she's switched from tea to coffee. On her way to work some mornings, Kimmy has totally taken Lillian's tea accidentally--which begs the question, which tea was she drinking when espousing its values to the construction worker?


Cape Town's description says it's "full-bodied" and "a perfect pairing for pastries" and Titus is probably all about that Rooibos blend--definitely mixing it with honey and a slice of lemon to keep his Broadway-worthy voice on point. Whenever Kimmy makes her Manhattan Black, Titus rolls his eyes and calls her basic, and she comes back with a middle-school zinger like "Titussayswhat?"


Dong's nearly full-bodied character comes out in Green Gold's "almost full-bodied character." Plus, trying to quietly stay under the radar? Half of a Green Card marriage? He's definitely Green Gold. No two doubts about it.


Sonja heats up an empty cup in the microwave and calls it tea. Dong is too nice to correct her.


Once, Kimmy offered to make Jacqueline some tea, and Jacqueline immediately threw back her head and gently laughed. Jacqueline doesn't drink tea, Kimmy--she gets matcha tea shots injected directly into her skin as part of a bizarre and incredibly expensive beauty regimen.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments!

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