7 (Real!) Health Benefits of Tea

With every blink, tea seems to acquire a brand-new miracle property. With health benefits supposedly ranging from curing cancer to weight loss, it's easy to look at these lists and be skeptical.

But no longer! I've rounded up the claims bolstered by scientific studies, so you can sit back and sip with confidence.

Here are 7 REAL health benefits of drinking tea.

1. Tea may lower the risk of depression.

At least, according to this 2015 meta-analysis of studies. With a pool of over 22,000 participants, the researchers found an association between 3 cups of tea per day and a 37% decrease in the risk of depression.

2. Green tea can lower your risk of liver disease.

This meta-analysis revealed that drinking green tea was linked to a reduction in liver conditions like liver steatosis, hepatitis, and chronic liver disease.

3. Tea can help fight off aging.

Or, rather, tea--with its sky-high levels of oxygen radical absorbance--helps fight free radicals, which can damage the body's DNA.

4. Tea can lower your risk of a stroke.

While this might not be on your mind if you're young and invincible, tea has been linked to a lower stroke risk--particularly if you drink three cups of tea a day or more!

5. Green tea can be used as sunscreen.

So this is just one study, but apparently, you can use green tea as a natural alternative to sunscreen, and help block out those harmful UV rays! No word yet on how often you'd need to reapply.

6. Green tea can improve the strength and density of your bones.

That is, if you're a female rat in this study. But the findings are pretty interesting. Green tea for strong bones and teeth!

7. Tea helps hydrate your body.

Good news for those who prefer tea to water. Even despite the caffeine content, tea could even be better than water when it comes to re-hydrating yourself. According to public health nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton, "Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it."


So go forth and tea! While it may not act as a time machine or score you a coffee date with Brie Larson, it has plenty of health benefits for which your body will totally thank you.


Photo credit: Christopher Campbell

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