Which Tea Is Your Heart Made Of?

Have you ever caught yourself staring out a window and wondering when you would find your true tea soulmate? If you're ordering tea, and they ask you which blend you want, do you have to stop and look inside and ask yourself, "Yes, but which tea do I need?"

Fear no more. Here are personality profiles for each of Teaspressa's tea blends. When one leaps out at you, hold tight--you've got a match!

Are You Manhattan Black?

If you're Manhattan Black, you thrive on being busy. You might not admit it, but the more things in your day, the better--amiright? If someone wants to throw a project your way, you say, "Bring it on!" You love chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese. You're either living in OR dreaming about living in The Big Apple (or another slightly-cheaper nearby city), and you'll take city lights over starry skies any day. In fact, you used to be a huge coffee drinker, until you decided to switch to tea--but lucky for you, this blend is close enough.



Are You Charles Grey?

If you're Charles Grey, you've absolutely spent some time curled up with Jane Austen novels, imagining what it might be like to wander through Darcy's estate. You like wine and you're interested in learning more about the qualities of different wines. People always describe you as "charming"--it's a word that suits you, and nobody can really explain it. But when you inevitably show up to an engagement in a beautiful dress and chat up the room with genuine interest and sophistication, there's no denying your true nature.



Are You Green Gold?

Do strangers describe you as shy? Does it drive you nuts? Because you're NOT shy, you're just thoughtful, and you like to observe more than you like to participate (at least, most of the time). But when you're in your element, with a few close friends in a comfortable setting, your true Green Gold personality shines through--with all of your wit and enthusiasm and unbridled empathy for the people around you. When your friends describe you to people who have never met you, they say you're inspiring. (Really, they do.) (No, seriously, I promise.)



Are You Cape Town?

If you're Cape Town, you wake up in the morning to go for a run and do 30 minutes of yoga, and I am jealous of you. You really make an effort to cook for yourself, and you're always trying out new vegan-friendly and gluten-free recipes. You're also frequently discovering new properties of foods, and using chickpeas and avocados in exciting and unexpected ways (much to the delight of all your friends who get to eat your creations). And, lucky for everyone, you're trying your hand at vegan baking--with incredible results. Those almond croissants? Amazing!


Whichever one you identify with the most, keep it close to your heart. This is your tea heart! And try it if you haven't already--you could be surprised by the notes of Jane Austen, or the hint of vegan-friendly almond croissants.

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