How To Use a Moka Pot (And 6 Tips to Make It Last!)

Chances are, no matter who you are, you’ve crossed paths with a Moka Pot at least once or twice in your life before you met Teaspressa. An economical, elegant way to brew espresso? Or concentrated tea in this case? Umm, sign me up, please.

Aaaand there’s a weird confusion that floats around Moka Pots. People in forums are like, “I heard you’re not supposed to wash it with soap? What?” or “How do I keep it looking shiny if I can’t put it in the dishwasher?”

The answers are a lot simpler than you’d think. Read on for tips on using a Moka Pot—and keeping it around for years!


How To Properly Use A Moka Pot

You’ve got three parts, first of all. The base (where you put hot water), the strainer (where you put tea leaves), and the top, which I’ll call the spout for clarity.

  1. Fill the base with hot water, right up to the little ridges on the inside.

  2. Put tea leaves in the strainer, set the strainer into the base, and make sure the tea leaves are all level and smooth.

  3. Carefully screw on the spout. 

  4. Place the whole thing on the stove, over a medium flame and make sure the handle is pointed away for the flame or else it could melt!

  5. Listen carefully to the Moka Pot, and when it gurgles, carefully take it off the flame.

  6. Pour your delicious concentrated tea into a cup and enjoy! (Or see here for other tasty recipes.)




How To Make A Moka Pot Last

Tip 1: Avoid dishwashers and soap.

Dishwashers will ruin the shiny silver outside, and soap will give the inside of the pot a slightly soapy taste. Plus, the more you use your Moka Pot, a thin tea residue will build up, which will enhance the flavors.


Tip 2: Clean your Moka Pot by rinsing it with regular water.

First, let your Moka Pot cool completely. Then take it apart, throw out the tea leaves, and rinse out all the parts of the Moka Pot. It’s like a bath for your sweet tea maker!


Tip 3: Let everything dry completely before you put it back together.

This way, you’ll avoid sneaky mold. ‘Nuff said.


Tip 4: For a deep clean, use vinegar.

Fill the base halfway with vinegar, and the rest of the way with water. Then, put your Moka Pot on the stove and let it boil like you’re making a cup of teaspressa. Pour the mixture out when it’s done, and then repeat the process with regular water. Clean and shiny, with no soap aftertaste.


Tip 5: To remove hard water stains, use baking soda.

Especially for those of you who live in a place like Arizona with the roughest and toughest water out there, this tip is for you!  I’m really not sure why baking soda is SO multi-purpose, but at this point, I’d rather accept it than question it.

Mix some baking soda with a little bit of water to create a paste. Spread the paste on your hard-water stains, and use a sponge or a soft cloth to rub it into the Moka Pot in circles. After rubbing it in, rinse it with cool water, let it dry, and it’ll be good as new.


Tip 6: Don’t over-tighten the spout, or you’ll wear out your rubber gasket.

But if it DOES wear out, you can easily order a replacement online. All hail the internet!


Moka Pot lovers—any other tips? Comment below!

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