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Teaspressa tea blends

Everything you love about your morning coffee ritual with none of the drawbacks. Experience the tea that brews like coffee, for a richer, fuller cup — your new everyday indulgence.

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LUXE sugar cubes

Make instant mimosas, cocktails, lattes, and mocktails! Everything you need to make your favourite drink — from syrup, to flavour, and even garnish — is packed into a single, handcrafted sugar cube so you never have to settle for second best again.

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Garnish your favourite tea latte or cocktail to give it an aromatic and breathtaking presentation, no patter the occasion. Because… all drinks deserve to be topped with flowers!


LUXE elixirs

On-the-go flavour enhancers that’ll make even the most rushed sip on your morning commute feel like a handcrafted indulgence — with no sugar!


Gifts & home

Give your loved ones the gift of self-indulgence, with our Teaspressa gift sets, tea-making accessories, and more!

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All of our products are…

fair trade

How do you brew?

Discover the world of tea brewed like coffee with our Teaspressa tutorials! Enjoy your favourite handcrafted drinks from the comfort of your own home.

Teaspressa Tutorials

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