The perfect package for dad (or yourself) to enjoy featuring:

Teaspressa Tea Jar from yours truly
NEW cocktail cubes made in collaboration with Iconic Cocktail perfect for any teas, coffee, and of course spirits  
Your choice of either beard balm or beard oil from Verano Bathery 


Selections Available


Teaspressa Tea: Manhattan Black, Cape Town, Green Gold, Charles Grey
LUXE Cocktail Cubes: Ginga Syrup, Spiced Honey, Lime Leaf Tonic


Suggested Pairings

Manhattan Black: Great plain with vanilla, has caffeine like coffee!

Cape Town: Naturally decaf tea ideal with vanilla or caramel, a perfect sleepy tea

Green Gold: Moderate caffeine, great with lemonade. 

Charles Grey: Perfect with a dose of honey or vanilla, also has caffeine like coffee!


Ginga Syrup: Cape Town Tea, vodka, whiskey

Spiced Honey: Manhattan Black, Charles Grey, whisky, rum

Lime Leaf Tonic: Green Gold tea, gin, vodka, rum

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