GMA Signature Tea Pouch Collection

Complete set of all of TEASPRESSA’s signature tea blends. Try combining these teas with any of our LUXE sugar cubes to make instant flavored iced teas or lattes!

Kit Includes: 4 Signature tea pouches - Manhattan Black, Charles Grey, Green Gold, and Cape Town (each pouch with 14-17 servings) in an easy wrap gift box!

  • You can brew the tea with any coffee brewers including French presses and coffee makers
  • Black teas have caffeine like coffee
  • All teas are jam packed several health properties
  • You can use anything you use with coffee to make specialty drinks at home
  • These teas are amazing with any of the other LUXE sugar packs offered today.
  • For example you can make an iced peach black tea with the black tea and the LUXE peach sugar cube!
  • Or ginger tea with the LUXE Moscow Mule cube
  • Recipe cards included