Signature Tea Mocktail

TEASPRESSA's Signature Tea Mocktails are made with our signature cold brewed teas mixed with premium ingredients to make delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails. No bar tools necessary! All ingredients are pre-mixed in the bottle, so all you have to do at home is shake in the bottle and pour over ice. 

To make it a cocktail, just add 3 ounces of your favorite Spirit to the mocktail bottle, shake all ingredients together in the bottle and pour over ice!

2 cocktails per bottle

Beach Bonfire - This mocktail captures the essence of smoke from a bonfire on the beach, with the sweet smell of tropical fruit and salt water blowing in the air.  Made with TEAPRESSA’s Cape Town Cold Brew Tea, Lemon, Passionfruit Puree and POM Pomegranate Juice, it encourages you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. 

Just add 3oz of Whiskey to make it a cocktail!

Ingredients: organic rooibos blend, lemon juice, passion fruit puree, pomegranate juice

Banzai Pipeline - Wax up your surf board and hit the waves! With this mocktail you can enjoy the sweet taste of coconut accompanied by fruity pineapple. Made with TEASPRESSA’s Manhattan Black Cold Brew Tea, Coconut, Lime, and Pineapple Puree, you can imagine yourself kicking back on the beach in Hawaii’s North Shore. 

Just add 3oz of Dark Rum to make it a cocktail!

Ingredients: proprietary organic black tea tea blend, organic german rye, coconut puree, lime juice, pineapple puree

Blood Orange Daisy- Nothing says patio parties and sunshine like Lime and Agave! This mocktail, made with TEASPRESSA’s Green Gold Cold Brew Tea, Lime Juice, and Agave Syrup is topped with Blood Orange Sparkling Water. It is the perfect compliment to a lazy, summer afternoon with friends. 

Just add 3oz of Silver Tequila to make it a cocktail!

Ingredients: proprietary organic green tea blend, lime juice, agave nectar, blood orange pellegrino water

The Amethyst -Revered for its deep purple color, Amethysts are said to keep people level-headed when worn. This blend of TEASPRESSA's Charles Grey Cold Brewed Tea, Lemon, Violette, and Lavender evoke the spirit of the Amethyst, with flavors of purple flowers and tranquil aromatics from the tea. 

Just add 3oz of Gin to make it a cocktail

Ingredients: proprietary black tea, organic bergamot oil, violette syrup, lemon juice, lavender simple syrup