GMA Tea Pouch Pair

Make our tea like your coffee! We have a patent on the process of making tea like espresso. Enjoy a new tea profile that has the consistency and caffeine of coffee. Each set includes two Tea Pouches (14-17 servings, each pouch).


- Brew our tea with any coffee brewer: french press, pour over, aeropress, moka pot, and coffee makers

- Our black teas (Manhattan Black and Charles Grey have caffeine like coffee, our Green Gold tea has moderate caffeine, and our herbal tea (Cape Town) is decaf

- Organic and Fair Trade (meaning farmers are ensured fair wages)

- All items are hand-made in Phoenix, AZ, USA

- Set includes Manhattan Black and Cape Town tea pouch. Each pouch offers 14-17 servings

ingredients: proprietary organic black tea tea blend, organic german rye

ingredients: organic rooibos blend