GMA Tea Pouch + LUXE Sugar Cube Jar

Make TEASPRESSA Signature Teas with pairing LUXE Sugar Cubes! Just brew the tea, add the cube, and you have an instant flavored beverage. Each set includes one Tea Pouch (14-17 servings) and one LUXE Sugar Cube Jar (25 servings).


Signature Tea

- Brew our tea with any coffee brewer: french press, pour over, aeropress, moka pot, and coffee makers

- Our black teas (Manhattan Black and Charles Grey have caffeine like coffee, our Green Gold tea has moderate caffeine, and our herbal tea (Cape Town) is decaf

- Our tea is organic and Fair Trade (meaning farmers are ensured fair wages)

- Each pouch offers 14-17 servings

- All items are hand-made in Phoenix, AZ, USA


LUXE Sugar Cube

- Drop one LUXE cube in your drink to instantly transform and flavour

- The LUXE cube has versatile uses including making: instant flavored lattes, mimosas in sparkling wine, Italian soda/mocktails in sparkling water, and cocktails with spirits

- LUXE cubes are made with all natural ingredients

- Each LUXE cube has less than a tsp of sugar, approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs

- Each LUXE Sugar Jar offers 25 servings


Set includes Green Gold tea pouch and LUXE Arcadia Orange Sugar Cube Jar

ingredients: proprietary organic green tea blend

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, natural orange oil, citric acid, tartaric acid, organic orange dye & natural beet dye