GMA Fruity Jar Trio

Make 75 mimosas, fruity iced teas, Italian sodas, mocktails, and more with this set! You’ll save several trips to the store because all the ingredients you need to make the drink is packed into one cube. Just add the cube to drink! 

- To make a mimosa, drop one cube into a glass of champagne!

- Make strawberries and champagne, a tart raspberry mimosa and a peach bellini!

- The LUXE cube has versatile uses including making: instant flavored lattes, mimosas in sparkling wine, Italian soda/mocktails in sparkling water, and cocktails with spirits

- LUXE cubes are made with all natural ingredients

- Each LUXE cube has less than a tsp of sugar, approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs

- All items are hand-made in Phoenix, AZ, USA

- Set has 75 servings total, includes 3 LUXE Sugar Cube Jars with 25 servings

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, raspberry flavour & natural raspberry

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, natural strawberry & strawberry flavour

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, organic peach extract, organic orange dye & natural peach