DELUXE Holiday Package

Valued at $150 for the single moka pot and $160 for double serving moka pot, this is truly the ULTIMATE package and makes the perfect gift for your very special staple-tea-loving, coffee-cafe adventurer, or life-loving friend! ;)

Enjoy a complete set of ALL of our signature tea blends, all of our LUXE Holiday sugar stick flavours, a tea doser spoon, and your choice of a single or double serving moka pot! There are numerous pairings with all the tea blends and sugar cubes not to mention the additional infinite posiblities with some holiday spirits if you know what we mean ;) 

Overall an amazing package to send, share, or enjoy for yourself!

This Holiday Package includes:

- All four of our Signature Blends

- All three of our Holiday Sugar Sticks

- Moka Pot of choice, single or double serving

- Tea Doser spoon


* Please note that we do pledge to give each product 110% of our effort and to carry high standards in quality control but even with that in mind, ALL of our sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients. Nature can take its course and with that in mind the sugar cubes tend to have variations whether it be color, size and shapes of the natural toppings, and form. 

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