BF Teaspressa Starter Kit

BF Teaspressa Starter Kit - Teaspressa
BF Teaspressa Starter Kit - Teaspressa

BF Teaspressa Starter Kit

Experience our LUXE cocoa difference: Say ā€˜byeā€™ to artificial flavors and ā€˜helloā€™ to all-natural, handcrafted LUXE cocoa sugar cubes. Simply drop two cubes into a cup of hot milk, coffee or tea and enjoy an instant cocoa.
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This is the ultimate Teaspressa taster kit where you can try it all! Taste all four of our Signature Tea Blends and all four of our signature Luxe Signature Sugar Cubes to instantly flavour and sweeten your teas to create our renown signature drinks served our cafes and on Shark Tank! As if that wasn't enough, enjoy the value of the packaged kit.

All items in the kit:

Tasting Tea Pouch | Manhattan Black, Cape Town, Green Gold, Charles Grey

LUXE Mini Sugar Cube | Rose, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, London Fog



Each Tasting Tea Pouch includes three servings of tea

Each Mini Sugar Cube stick includes 6 cubes


If you need more information on how to brew our tea using theĀ moka potĀ method, now worries! All tea orders come with instructional brewing cards and we have an online tutorials.Ā Click HereĀ For theĀ Moka Pot Tutorial!

All of our Sugar Cubes are...

Natural Ingredients

100% natural ingredients. No extra chemicals or additives

Less than a tsp of sugar

Approximately 16 calories, 4 carbs


Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms


100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging

Just Drop One LUXE Cube

One cube is enough to make barista-inspired tea or coffee beverages, craft cocktails and minute mimosas.

How To Use

Teaspressa Recipes

See what you can do with A LUXE Cube! So many delicious recipes to choose from.


No. Our champagne and cocktail cubes contain no alcohol, just natural flavoring and sugar.

There are only 16 calories per cube!

The cubes add delicious flavor to your beverages that can be used to make your at home barista-inspired beverages at the drop of a cube.

Remember these cubes only have a tsp of sugar,Ā  that's about 4 grams of sugar and flavor! To put in perspective an average cocktail or flavored latte has 20-35 grams of sugar, that's equivalent to at least 5-8 sugar cubes! If you prefer more flavor, dropping another cube or simply adding a tsp of sugar to save a cube might do the trick for you!

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