UH OH Double Serving Stovetop Moka Pot

That's right, you read UH OH! These moka pots function perfectly but they have minor cosmetic imperfections. 

Our double serving, aluminum stovetop moka pot brews our tea blends the same way we brew in store! The moka pot is compact, easy to use making 12oz of concentrated Teaspressa tea shots and if prepared as a tea americano or tea latte you will have at least a 24oz tea goodness ready! In other words, this is the perfect pot to make tea for two! 

To clean simply rinse with hot water and let it air dry, we would not suggest using a dishwasher as it will tarnish the metal!


If you need more information on how to brew our tea using the moka pot method, now worries! All tea orders come with instructional brewing cards and we have an online tutorials. Click Here For the Moka Pot Tutorial!