Teaspressa Signature Tea

Teaspressa blends are Organic Certified, all-natural, meticulously sourced tea from around the world, and specifically created to be brewed with at-home mechanisms or our patent pending tea shot method. 

Enjoy the preparation rituals of coffee, with the health benefits and enhanced flavours of tea. 

Our four tea blends are offered in two packaging options:
1. Tea Pouch | Offers our tea at best-value since you get more tea for less, travel-friendly packaging and releasable design.

2. Tea Jar | Provides sustainable use, featuring frosted, drop-proof, air-tight jars that will protect your tea from the natural elements and ensure freshness in every cup. After use, you can refill with more a plant, snacks, office accessories, or more Teaspressa available through our discounted subscription program.


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