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LUXE Sugar Cube - COPY

Cut The Sugar, Keep The Flavour

Each LUXE Sugar Cube contains less than one teaspoon of sugar (that’s under 16 calories, and 7 times less sugar than your average cocktail!) and delivers a huge burst of flavour, with just the right amount of sweet. And a single cube is enough to make barista-inspired tea and coffee beverages, craft cocktails, and instant mimosas, exactly the way you like them. So you get the drink and flavour you love, with just enough sugar to make it a sweet, sweet indulgence.

Not Your Grandma’s Sugar Cubes

Ever want a mimosa, but you’re out of orange juice? How about your favourite cocktail -- but you’d have to buy a half bar’s worth of ingredients before you made your first glass? Or getting stuck with terrible break-room coffee? Well, no more! 

Our LUXE Sugar Cubes make instant mimosas, cocktails, mocktails and lattes with the drop of a cube. Instantly add sugar, flavour, and even toppings to any drink for one-of-a-kind experience wherever you go.