Colorful Latte ParTEA Bundle

Colorful Latte ParTEA Bundle

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Have you ever wondered what Teaspressa's founder loves to drink? This is it! Make the Founder's Favorite drink, a vanilla rose latte with your favourite cup of tea or coffee. From our founder to your cup, cheers and cest la tea! Cubes can be used in coffee, tea, liquor or bubblies
  • Every leaf of Teaspressa Tea is cerified organic
  • Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging
  • 100% natural ingredients. No extra chemicals or additives.

Make fun, colorful lattes paired with fun colorful squiggle straws!


What does this include?! Choice of colorful latte kit, glass squiggle straws, regular bar spoon + muddler

Brew just like coffee! Use an Aeropress or Moka Pot for a Tea Shot, and a French Press or Pour Over to brew a cup of tea. Add your favorite LUXE Sugar Cube or Elixir and milk of choice to make a latte.

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