3pm Happy Hour Daily Special & Recipe

Every day Monday - Friday at 3pm PST we are going on instagram LIVE on @teaspressa to show you have to make our favorite cocktails at home! Each daily special will run until the next day's special is live, Friday's recipe will go all weekend.


3/27 Happy Hour | 50% all Ingredients, discount will auto populate

Beer Shandy

Yes, beer cocktails are a thing and their super easy to make especially if you have one of these cubes! All you have to do is drop it in the beer. Lager beer is suggested.

Lemon + Beer = Classic Summer Shandy

Grapefruit + Beer = Radler

Arcadia Orange + Beer = Orange Shandy

* Citrus Mimosa Kit and only sugar STICK options available for promo

English Rose Cocktail

You saw us make this cocktail in 5 seconds! If you're local, you're in luck because you can purchase ready-to-pour cocktails by the single serving or a week's ration! 

*Available for pick up from Downtown Phoenix location

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