5 Reasons We're Excited for Teaspressa's Grand Opening

March 06, 2018

5 Reasons We're Excited for Teaspressa's Grand Opening

Construction, new employee training, designing apparel, there's so much happening behind the scenes until our Grand Opening event this month! RSVP HERE

Here's 5 Reasons We're Excited to Open Shop in Arcadia:

1. People can holistically experience our brand. There's something special about people getting to experience the aesthetics, sound, taste, and feel of your company. When you walk into our storefront, you'll be in Teaspressa land. Our chairs, apparel, food, drinks, and paint details were all carefully curated to give you 100% us!

2. Our urban seating is gonna be rad. You will want to stick around and study, talk, listen to music, draw, whatever, for hours with the ambience we've got planned. Think lots of plants and great lighting!

3. The storefront is totally grammable. This should probably be the most important reason. It makes our hearts flutter to see Teaspressa on people's social media! Hopefully we'll make your grid or even your profile picture . *Crossed fingers

4. We'll have a place to call home. Our TEAm loves spending time together and with our clients! We get energized from being around good company. Now we'll get to gather and share some qualiTEA time together. 

5. Our family is growing! The love for Teaspressa gets bigger every time that we add a new product, location, customer, employee, or retailer. It's like a domino effect! Nothing makes us happier than seeing more people hear about our story. 

Huge thank you to all of the vendors and local business that are helping to make this special event one for the books:

Smile Every Day Clothing

T. Madison Shop

Magnolia Styling

WhiteFive Designs

Granola Barre Girl Beautycounter

Sugar Sugar

Sweet Wool

Nekter Juice Bar

Mame Soy Candles

M + A Naturals


Skin Laundry

Eye Candi Spa AZ



Kona Water

Kaleidescope Juice

Kendra Scott

Corepower Yoga Phoenix

Kind Snacks

AZ Foothills Magazine

Ali & Ariel


Onyx Magnet Mask

The Silver Wren

Couple of Bartenders

Sundrops Nail Spot

The Fiber House

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