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4/7 10am TEA TIME

4/7 10am TEA TIME

Every day Monday - Friday at 10am PST we are going on instagram LIVE on @teaspressa to show you have to make our favorite tea and coffee recipes at home! Each daily special will run until the next day's special is live, Friday's recipe will go all weekend. 


4/7 Tea Time | Every $10 spent, TEASPRESSA will purchase a drink for a nurse at the Phoenix Children's Hospital

10% off brewing methods, discount will auto populate

Sparkling Raspberry Mint Lemonade

I was in need of some uplifting so decided to go with a sparkling lemonade with TWO sugar cubes! This is a rarity because I think drinks are flavored enough with one, but I wanted to add a tad more sweetness and fun fruity flavours than usual. Today I really enhanced the ritual by playing my favorite playlists and burning rose sage. It was a beautiful experience I hope that you can also enjoy.

Each cube as a less than a teaspoon of sugar, 16 calories, and the shelf life is for 2 years so if you would rather stock up for next year, you can :)

Items Needed:

- 4oz Cape Town Tea

- 4/5 Mint Leaves or LUXE Mint Julep Sugar Cube

- 2 Lemon slices or LUXE Lemon Sugar Cube

- 6oz Sparkling water, I used club soda

- Ice


1. Brew tea  with fresh mint leaves/LUXE Mint Julep Sugar Cube in the vessel where the brewed tea is going.

*Are you in PHX and do not want to brew? You're in luck because we have pre-made tea shots you can pick up and purchase now

2. Place LUXE Raspberry Sugar cube into cup, saturate with water and muddle

3. Place lemon slices/LUXE Lemon Sugar Cube, muddle

4. Add Sparkling water

5. Add ice, fill to the top

6. Slowly pour mint infused tea on top

7. Cheers




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